Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua takes the business of stories to companies to increase employee engagement and develop leaders

Hey! I’m Beatrice and for the past decades, I have been bringing stories in three continents, using three languages, and reaching thousands of people so that they can find their leadership voice and contribute to a company culture that people don’t want to leave. 

Living between cultures and languages, studying human behaviour, and working as a journalist uniquely positioned me as the person organisations call to train their team in how to tell compelling stories but also how to uncover the right stories to help diverse leaders find their voice. 

As a business storytelling coach, I facilitate team bonding days, design and deliver workshops and training sessions for organisations like Netflix, Booking.com, and Save The Children. People who have worked with me mentioned they appreciate how I easily connect to people at all levels, the inclusivity of my sessions and the practical inputs.

I had used stories in my work and was looking for new ways to approach this, think differently about it and take it up a notch to get more colleagues involved in using stories


Mistakes companies make in business storytelling

Companies often use stories to communicate to their external audience which is traditional but by doing so, they leave out one important audience.

Why employees struggle to call themselves a leader

For employees who haven’t been historically represented in leadership roles, it isn’t straightforward to call themselves leaders. Here is what they can do then.

Develop leaders first and promote them later

It’s always exciting for employees to be promoted and have more responsibilities. However, there is one step to take to make sure they are as effective as they can.

After the programme, the cohort rated the usefulness of both Beatrice’s workshops at 87%, being some of the highest scoring elements of the programme.


Beatrice’s official biography

Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua is an inspiring trainer and genius storyteller who speaks on a range of topics including leadership, business storytelling, employee engagement and story-based communication with incredible energy.

Having been an award-winning international journalist, Beatrice has the great ability to train people in how to tell better stories even if they have never done it before so that they can enhance communication and be inspiring. Her unique approach to business storytelling is innovative because she focuses on internal stories within organisations to foster a positive company culture.

Using her coaching skills, knowledge of human behaviour, and empathy, Beatrice doubles employee’s confidence in writing stories that are targeted to specific audiences. People who have worked with her shared that their ability in applying stories to their workplace as well as training people in storytelling has increased exponentially.

Her clients in DEI, People and Culture, L&D departments have referred to her work as being “thought-provoking”, “genius” and “empowering”. Through her content, speeches and training, Beatrice has reached more than 10,000 people from Los Angeles to Istanbul and in three different languages: French, English and Italian.

Beatrice is currently working on her first book on leadership and storytelling, which is a guide to help leaders transform their lived experiences into their leadership superpowers.

Once we agree on working together, we race towards the same goals