The energy she brings to the team is a guide to good practices that I would like to see and feel in more of the people I will meet in the future.


Stories belong to the workplace

We are conditioned to believe that stories only belong to books, TEDx talks and speeches. But stories belong to the workplace too. 

Business storytelling is a cost-effective, accessible tool to help your workplace: develop leaders, foster an inclusive space, communicate change and increase employee engagement.

And once the right stories are told, shared and used internally, they manifest externally and increase brand image, making it easy to attract the right talent. 

Because you can only share what you have inside.

I had forgotten I am my own story, and that being Human is what we should start being first before taking any position we wish to be seen into.


Hey, I’m Beatrice

My superpower is storytelling. Because of my journalistic career and coaching role, I support organisations to uncover, articulate and share stories internally so that teams can bond, work better together and create a company culture they don’t want to leave. 

What would it look like to bring that to your company?