thank god it’s monday

You want to be an inspiring and engaging team member in your company. But in order to do that, you need to effectively articulate your company’s purpose and values.

The problem is you are doing too much and you are stuck doing operational work. Which makes you feel like you are a machine completing tasks.

You deserve to have the impactful and positive effects you bring into the world, reflected in your daily job. You deserve to be happy about starting your working week.

This is why I spent the past 20 years finessing my storytelling skills, to ensure that teams like yours move from fear, disengagement, and not knowing why they do what they do to feel confident, belonging, and like their work matters.

And this is what you’ll find in thank god it’s monday, the podcast series

Guest Appearances

Beatrice has been a guest in a variety of podcast shows. Her content on how business storytelling can be implemented in the workplace has reached more than 10,000 around the globe.

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